We solve conflicts through safe and efficient mediation


Mekle is a neutral third-party caring for both sides

Why Mekle?

Mediation is an alternative to attorneys and long court trials. With digital mediation, we offer a fast and affordable process to help you solve your conflict as painlessly as possible.

Conversations on neutral ground

How it works

  1. Register case
    Register your case, it’s non-binding. We will contact your counterparty.
  2. Preparation
    We collect information from both parties, everything is confidential.
  3. Mediation meeting
    It’s digital and you participate in both joint and seperate meetings.
  4. Signing
    The agreement is signed with BankID and you’re done with the case.

Our mediators are highly competent professionals with diverse experience in law, conflict resolution, mediation and psychology.

Angela Lahelle-Ekholdt Askjer

Angela Askjer

Christopher Olsson Lønes

Christopher Olsson Lønes

Marius W Vernan

Marius W Vernan

Vebjørn Hurum

Vebjørn Innset Hurum

Frequently asked questions

What kind of cases do we solve?

Everyone can get stuck in a dispute, but almost all conflicts can be solved through neutral mediation. The most common cases involve purchase and sales, housing cooperatives and condominiums, neighbor feuds, property, construction, commercial disputes, complaints, divorces, coparenting and inheritance settlements.

How much does mekle cost?

11.750 NOK including VAT per party. This includes document review, preparations, mediation meeting, written agreement, protocol and digital signing. Our service is non-binding and if your counterpart reject the mediation, there is no charge.

Is mekle covered by my insurance?

If you have an insurance that covers damages on your house, car or boat you generally can get the costs of mediation at Mekle covered.


How do i get the counterparty to agree to mediation?

You don’t have to do a thing – we will contact the counterparty. Our experience is that most people who are in a dispute just want to be done with it and doesn’t want to go through a demanding and expensive court trial. Mekle is non-binding and if the counterparty rejects the mediation, you will not be charged.

Our solution rate is at 85%. In other words, we solve more than 8 out of 10 disputes at Mekle